Doc Zombie

A brilliant but troubled scientist invents a longevity formula called Prolong and is forced to test it on himself after the program is shut down due to a dangerous accident. That night, thieves break into his lab to steal the priceless serum and murder our hero. However, the serum resurrects him as a zombie.

Intent on revenge and assisted by his frightened girlfriend and quirky lab assistant, he hunts the thieves in order to retrieve the serum and prevent a zombie apocalypse before he completely decays into a mindless, undead killer forever.

The Dare

Ten years after two brothers tragically die in their home as a result of a dare gone horribly wrong, nine friends dare each other to spend a night in the now infamous haunted house.

Trapped in the house by one boy’s vengeful spirit and his insane father who lives in the attic, the friends begin to die one after another until one of them discovers that the only way to free the spirit and save her life is to successfully complete the dare that caused the boys’ deaths.