Dearly Departed2


A fictional documentary in which the camera enters the afterlife to interview the spirits of people who’ve passed on to get their take on life after death.


Zia Films is proud to announce that our feature film, “Dearly Departed,” has been accepted in the Action On Film International Film Festival (AOF) held in Monrovia, California from August 17th to August 25th, 2012.

In addition, Dearly Departed has been nominated for Best Faith-Based Feature and Best Visual Effects Feature in AOF’s awards program.

Dearly Departed will screen on Sunday, August 19th at 4pm in the Krikorian Theater at 410 Myrtle Avenue. Tickets are available on the AOF website at and can be purchased for $10, which includes two short films and the Dearly Departed feature.

Please share this announcement with your friends. Support and celebrate Dearly Departed by attending the screening at AOF on August 19th. Thank you!

Very Truly Yours,

Darryl Anka & Erica Jordan

Zia Films



Zia Films is very excited to be presenting Dearly Departed at the AOF festival and we hope to be accepted into one or more of the following festivals as well:

Arizona Underground, Sundance, Slamdance, Sedona & Santa Barbara.

Going to one or more festivals can be expensive. There are costs for airfares, hotels, food, promotional materials as well as the HDCAM tapes, Blu-rays and DVDs used to project the film at the festivals.

To cover these costs, we have started the DEARLY DEPARTED FESTIVAL CAMPAIGN on IndieGoGo at

Please visit our IndieGoGo page for more information and to see the trailer and support us by making a donation to help bring Dearly Departed to the public. Feel free to share this announcement with family and friends by E-mail, Facebook & Twitter and we also hope to see you at one of the festivals. Thank you!

In Appreciation,

Darryl Anka & Erica Jordan

Zia Films


UPDATE  - July 2012 : “Dearly Departed” is now completed and has been submitted to the Monrovia Film Festival, Arizona Underground Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Sedona Film Festival to seek distribution and secure a theatrical release. Our cast & crew screening was held in the James Bridges Theater at UCLA on July 14th (see photos below). We would like to extend our deep appreciation to everyone who helped support the making of this film and please stay tuned for further updates!

Dearly Departed

Cast & Crew Screening 7-14-2012
Photos by Ilan Terrel

Before the screening: Introductions by Producer Erica Jordan and
Writer-Director-Producer Darryl Anka

After the screening: Director Darryl Anka with actress Patrice Fisher
who played the character of Maya Thibodeaux in the film.

Director of Photography Mark Zavad (on the right) and his daughter Lexi flank

Executive Producers Hiro Ishikawa (center) and Miyuki Furusawa (left),

who also played Kyoko in the film. Machiko Anami (next to Mark) played Li Xiao-Xing.

Henry Wyatt Moore (Marvin Goldstein in the film) with Darryl.

G. Russell Reynolds portrayed the repentant Russian hit man Sergei.

Russell with one of his “victims,” Las Vegas gambler Roy Belter, played by Elliot Durant III.

The “gang” is joined by Producer Erica Jordan and Clint Browning (far right)
who played the Iraq war soldier Victor Travis.

Darryl and Erica are joined by Erika G. Rockwell (left), the film’s social media strategist,
and Laurie Brandt, who played Marvin’s wife Irene Goldstein.

Producer Erica Jordan with actor Feikamoh Massaquoi, who played Adusa.

Russell with actor Derek Partridge, who played the 19th century ghost
Cedric Longfellow, stubbornly haunting his old house for several generations.