Dearly Departed

“Powerful. Moving.”
Barnet Bain - Producer
What dreams May Come

“Sublimely elegant. A light but firm directorial hand.” 
Marty Hornstein – Executive Producer
Star Trek: First Contact

“A beautiful and authentic representation of what happens when we die. A great film for spiritual experts and beginning seekers alike!”
Phyllis King – Psychic
Blog Talk Radio

“I believe that Dearly Departed will help millions of people who are seeking a true understanding of life… both here and in the Hereafter.”
Dannion Brinkley
NDE Expert and New York Times best selling author

“Dearly Departed focuses on every nuance and then looks even deeper – in a style that is both fascinating and extraordinary.”
P.M.H. Atwater – L.H.D
Researcher of Near-Death states since
author of Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story

Info: Metaphysical

A documentary-style journey through the afterlife where the spirits of those who’ve crossed over share their experiences of life after death.

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